Cape Fear
Lighthouses of North Carolina
To visit the Cape Fear Lighthouse remains, take Hwy 211 south from Supply until you reach Southport.  In Southport, make a right onto 9th street until it ends at the ferry dock at Indigo Plantation.  At the ferry dock there are four parking lots labeled A-D.  Park in one of these lots (parking fee is $7 for the day) and walk over to the ferry ticket office and aquire your tickets for the ferry.  The ferry fee is $15.00 (per person) for a round trip tickets (one ticket going, one ticket coming back).

Once on the island, golf carts are available for rent, or you may want to walk the short quarter mile or so to the lighthouse.  The lighthouse is open for climbing and a small fee of $3 is collected in the museum/giftshop, which is a replica of the keeper's quarters constructed by the Old Baldy Foundation.  Other attractions located on the island inculde Bald Head Island Lighthouse, unspoiled beaches, and a nature trail, and more.  For more information on the island, attractions, and getting there, visit the official website of Bald Head Island.
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Bald Head Island Lighthouse
Oil House
The center concrete slab and support slabs for the entryway stairs.
One of the Three Identical Station Buildings
The Three Station Buildings from the Beach