Turkey Point
Lighthouses of Maryland
Elk Neck State Park is home to the Turkey Point Light Station, which sits at the southern tip of a peninsula that juts out into the Chesapeake Bay.  The lighthouse was built in 1833 by John Donohoo, and was used to guide ships toward the Susquehanna River.  The tower is a modest thirty-eight feet in height, but is located on a one hundred foot high cliff, increasing the capabilities of the light.  This light station is also known for having several women as keepers.

Today, the lighthouse remains much as it did after its construction.  Although the keeper's quarters are gone, the lighthouse and an oil storage building remain.  The tower is currently under the care of the Turkey Point Light Station Inc., who is doing some restoration of the lighthouse. For more information on the lighthouse, visit their web site at http://www.caracove.com/tpls/.
To visit the Turkey Point Lighthouse, take Hwy. 40  until it intersects with Hwy. 272.  Make a left on to Hwy 272 and continue going south until you reach Elk Neck State Park.  Once in the park, continue south on Hwy. 272 until it ends at a small dirt parking area.  From the parking area, take the .8 mile walking trail down to the lighthouse.
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Turkey Point Light