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North Carolina
Zoological Park
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The North Carolina Zoological Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to see and learn about some of the world’s most interesting wildlife. The parks exhibits are centered around animals found on the continents of North America and Africa.  Designed with an “alive” theme in mind, each animal exhibit in carefully constructed to mimic the natural habitat in which the animal would normally be living in in the wild, instead of just an animal in a cage.  Exhibits also allow the animals room to move, and often contain plant life commonly found in each specific animals habitat.  Some exhibits also include running water in the form of small streams, a waterfall, or miniature ponds, providing a more “at home” feeling for the animals.

While great care has been taken to provide natural and enriching habitats for the animals, the habitats have also been designed so that visitors are treated to great viewing spots to observe and in some cases, interact with the animals.  Informational signs have also been placed along the exhibits at the viewing spots help to create an environment conducive to learning specifics about each animal while observing the animals on exhibit.

The North Carolina Zoological Park is considered to be one of the nations finest zoos.  For information or to plan your trip, visit the Official Web Site of the North Carolina Zoological Park.

***Please note that with each photo there is a description of the animal.  If the name of the animal is blue, click on the animal name to see more photos of that animal.  Some exhibit pages are still be under construction.***
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